• About Fil-Am Radio

    Fil-Am Radio broadcast program’s goal is to present more relevant socio-civic data, education and cultural information designed purposely to help cement together generations of younger Filipino-Americans born in the U.S. with their first-generation immigrant cousins. The proposed programs on this concept paper supports this goal and augments the current programming.

    Fil-Am Radio is envisioned and positioned as an influential social civic platform that could transform into an enduring community institution and will serve as a template for all other ethic community groups to duplicate as a bridge to their disconnected populations.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Fil-Am Radio of the San Francisco Bay Area is to work in partnership with Member Stations across the country and around the world and their communities to create a more informed Filipino public — one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures that affects Filipino in our adopted home of the U.S. and the Philippines, our country of origin.

    To accomplish our mission, we produce, acquire, and distribute programming that meets the highest standards of public service in cultural expression, news and public affairs; we represent our members in matters of their mutual interest; and we provide satellite interconnection for the entire public radio system.

    Vision Statement

    Our vision is
    -to provide high quality, informative on-air and online radio programming to Filipinos as the preeminent Filipino radio station in the U.S.;

    -to be ambassadors of goodwill to the Filipino communities wherever they maybe and by promoting their social, retail and economic growth and development;

    -to provide a professional and goal oriented working environment for our listeners who would like to develop their talents in leadership, broadcasting and online services; and

    -to preserve, develop and promote the traditions and prominence of Filipino culture through focused radio broadcasting.

    We believe that Fil-Am Radio is an integral part of every listener we serve in the United States Of America, and it is our duty to serve and provide entertainment through music, information and interactive radio show.